Foo Foo Foo !

August 30, 2011 - Mark Thielen
ahh ... I forgot to mention that I saw the FooFighters a couple of days ago in Cologne with around 15.000 other people. It was a great show I have to say even after seeing them 2008 in Wembley where around 70.000 people enjoyed them. The warm up with Cheri Bomb was okay, it was a shame that the sound did not come across very well ... that changed when Dave and crew came on stage. Lots of new songs from the "Wasting Light" album and the good old ones. Liked the way he played "Wheels" alone on a an acoustic guitar ... pretty cool. While playing it he claimed that he only plays that song in Germany as we like it so much ;)

Rock on !

Amsterdam, here we come !

August 29, 2011 - Mark Thielen
We have booked our flights and hotel to stay the weekend in Amsterdam to meet friends living over there as well as friends that are over from the US. This really looks like a lot of fun ;) Hope the weather will be good so we can do some photo shooting.

Nikon announcement ...

August 26, 2011 - Mark Thielen
Lots of stuff expected but only coolpix cameras released. I like the AW (All Weather) series as it seems
to small and water resistant down to 10m which can be handy sometimes, you can also drop it from around
1.10m and it would not crack up.

The 7100 looks interesting but I decided for myself that this is nothing for me, I love my D700 ;)

See for details.

As you can read on nikonrumors it seems like there are further announcements expected for a potential mirrorless camera like the Sony NEX 5/7 models which look interesting to me somehow but I am not really sure about the electronic view finder (EVF).

Another try ...

August 26, 2011 - Mark Thielen
I just remembered somehow that I had installed a blog on my domain ... I found it again with a first entry dated back to April 2009, claiming that I would update the contents from time to time ... well that has not really worked out :) Now I thought that I would play a little with it as well as with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Let´s see if there is something interesting in there ;)